Wait, what?

My first ‘real’ cage. the CB 2000 prototype

I’ve been known by many names over the years in my quest for knowledge of everything chastity. I was first very interested in the 80s and beta tested the first CB-2000. You may also know me from various forums and chatrooms as MeatLocker, Keyless, or FreakOfNatureBoy. I wrote for Altairboy under the pseudonym ‘Rawhide’. But SirLockedAlot was my first chat handle, and why I’ve been tinkering with this domain for so long (16 years to date!).

I’ve held hundreds of keys from hours to years, and have also used a chronovault on my own, my personal “best” being 100 days and nights. I own 20-something ball trap cages and half a dozen PA tubes. I’ve worn them all, plus a couple of cheap florentine belts. I still hold keys (mostly via the interwebs at EmlaLock), but access to my own fun bits is under the exclusive care and control of my loving and beautiful wife. I’m just saying I’m not a newbie to chastity, and am very familiar with both sides of this wonderful, hot dynamic.

I also develop websites, so this concept occurred to me when my older HTV2 finally broke and we were looking at the custom cartridge option. Lightning struck, the folks over at HT thought it was brilliant, and here we are. It’s my hope that chastity enthusiasts of all flavors find this combination of a highly customizable device and service fun and/or effective. Quantity discounts are available, wink.

However, we need to be paid for my time to set your page up, which is why the set-up and edit fees. You create your own page and let me know who may edit it. Then there’s another form where you need to set up a subscription plan where you can help me offset my server costs. Everything renews or charges on the first of the month, and annual plans renew on the first of the same month. Cancellation becomes effective 30 days after due date, including for non-payment.

You will see charges on your credit card statement from ‘vbob net’. That’s my hosting operation. If you have any questions, drop me a line at vbobnet@gmail.com.

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