QR Tags

This is much too complex for a landing page, so I’m simplifying and rebranding it. Drop me a line on the check in page if you’d like to see the revision. Meanwhile, I’ve had lots of great comments and it really works, so feel free to read on for my proof of concept.

We believe in the responsible use of chastity, and that can sometimes cause undue stress when a wearer is confronted with an emergency situation (or an airport!)  If you’re in an accident or arrested and for whatever reason can’t speak, and you’re locked in the right device, anyone with a cell phone can have quick access to vital data on your safety and commitment.

Or if you’re freer about who you share your chastity lifestyle with, the messages, notifications and conversations will only add to your fun. It just depends on how closely you want the scan activity monitored. 

The new Holy Trainer (V4) has a custom cartridge option that makes this easy. The cartridge is displayed prominently on the top of the device right next to your abdomen, and your data is as easy to retrieve as point and click with virtually any smart phone. And the chastity device itself comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and configurations.

We generate a QR code image that contains a link to your own personal web page, engineered for maximum cell phone and tablet visibility, so emergency personnel (and the curious!) can get quick info on what you’re wearing, how to obtain removal in an emergency, or something personal, like my sample. It can make a statement that someone cares enough about you to control this special passion, publicly.  

This system requires a Holy Trainer V4 with custom cartridge.  Send us your order number and we’ll send them the QR image.

Scan this image with your phone to try it!



If you’re on your cell phone, that image might be hard to scan. here’s where it leads. Also, the image above is not shown actual size, the image mounted on your device is 1cm x 1cm, as seen here. I like to use QR Code Monkey to generate the high resolution images that I upscale and downsize, and they can be easily made in all sorts of fun customizations. We have to keep the codes clear for images this tiny, but please feel free to use them to create your own, um, discussions. ;)

Here’s how to get started.  Got more questions?  Take a look at my WTF.